Drill Action in Power BI

Two days ago Microsoft added  some new exciting features to Power BI with the new Power BI Weekly Service Update. The more exciting one is Drill action in Power BI reports. So from now on we’re able to add a number of fields we’d like to have on the reports with a drill path. That means the users can navigate from a level to another. In this short article I show you how to implement a drill action in Power BI. In the “Data Visualisation with Power BI Desktop” I explained how to implement and publish a complete visualisation in Power BI Desktop. In this post I’m going to use the sample we published to the Power BI website as a sample. So if you are not familiar with how to create data visualisations in Power BI Desktop I encourage you to have a look at this.

Adding Drill Action to Sales by Product Category – Column Chart:

  • Login to your Power BI account
  • Open a report that you want to add a drill action to (as a sample I’m using Adventure Works Reseller Sales which I published previously)
  • Click “Edit Report”Drill Action in Power BI 01Select “Sales by Product Category” chart
  • From “Fields” pane expand “Products”
  • Drag and drop Product to Axis right behind the Product CategoryDrill Action in Power BI 02Now you can see the Drill Down Level icon (image) on the chartDrill Action in Power BI 03 Continue reading “Drill Action in Power BI”