Hold Your Dashboards in Your Pocket, Part 1: Use Your Predefined Dashboards on Your IOS Devices

Now it is time to take a step further and learn how to access our dashboards from our IOS or Windows devices. Microsoft designed a very good and handy app for IOS and Windows based tablets. At the moment the Windows app is only available for your laptop or on your Windows based tablet device. First of all you need to download the app on your device.

In this post I explain how to use your IOS devices to browse your dashboards everywhere that you have access to the Internet.


  • Sign-in into Microsoft Power BI website
  • From the right menu click on Download then click on “Power BI for IOS”

  • Click “Download on the App Store”

  • Select your IOS device and then click on “View in iTunes”

  • From iTunes install the app on your device
  • Tap on the “Power BI” app on you IOS device

  • Tap on “Sign In” on the bottom

  • Type the email address you’ve used to create your Power BI account and tap Next

  • Now you can see your dashboards
  • Tap on AdventureWorks

  • Scroll down to see all charts you’ve created before

  • Tap on “Sales Amount for Au, UK, CA”
  • Tap on United Kingdom to see total sales amount for the UK

  • Now tap on the arrow icon to minimise the chart and back to the dashboard view

  • You can share an image copy of the chart with others by taping on the camera icon on top right of the app

  • At the bottom of the app there are some fantastic photo editing tools so that you can highlight some parts of the chart by taping on each tool

  • To share the image copy tap on the green tick on the top right

  • Then tap on any desired app that you want to send the image though

  • Back to the dashboards view by taping on X on the top left
  • To add some charts to favourites tap on the more icon

  • Star your favourite chart and tap the tick button

  • Tap on Favourites to see your favourite charts
  • Tap on the edit button to reposition the favourite charts

  • You can reposition the charts by dragging them from their top right edge and move them of the screen

  • To share the dashboard with a colleague tap on the more button again and this time tap on “Invite a Colleague”
  • Note that all people you’re inviting will have the exact same access rights as you do on the whole shared dashboard. Tap on “Invite a colleague”.

  • Enter the email address and a desired message. You can also allow the recipients to share it with others. Tap the green tick to send the invitation.


The iPad app is pretty much similar to the iPhone app. However, the iPad app has some more features.

  • Install Microsoft Power BI app on your iPad
  • Open the app and sign in

  • Tap on AdventureWorks dashboard
  • Tap on the “Sales Amount for AU, UK, CA” chart to enlarge it
  • Tap on Share snapshot to take a snapshot of the chart

  • Same as the iPhone app, you can use available tools to highlight some parts of the chart of write some notes and share it with others

  • You can also edit favourites

  • You can also share a dashboard with your colleagues

As you see all of the above features are available in the iPhone app as well. However, as stated before, the iPad app have some more features.

For instance you can open a report, select multiple items in the report charts and sort the charts. To do so:

  • Tap on a chart
  • Tap on “Open report”

  • In the report you can tap on more than one item on one chart to see the changes on the other charts. For instance, I tapped on “On Promotion” and “Price”

  • To sort the charts you can tap on “sort by” and then tap on the desired sort item

In the next post I’ll explain how to use the Power BI Windows app to browse your dashboards everywhere that you have access to the Internet.

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