Quick Tips: Comment/Uncomment Multiple Lines in DAX Scripts


Comment Uncomment Multiple DAX Lines in Power BI

There are lots of cases you may want to comment/uncomment multiple lines in DAX scripts. You can save lots of development time if you know the shortcuts.

Here you go:

  • Select multiple lines of code you want to comment
  • Press Crtl+KC to comment those lines
  • Press Ctrl+KU to uncomment commented lines

Comment, Uncomment Multiple DAX Lines in Power BI Desktop

Mini-tip: The shortcuts work in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) writing any queries including DAX queries.


5 thoughts on “Quick Tips: Comment/Uncomment Multiple Lines in DAX Scripts

  1. I am feeling motivated and now work harder to start the career in Power-BI, hope will get similar success. Thanks for sharing your Power-BI experience.

  2. Hi hoping you can help. I’m trying to use the IMPORTRANGE function, but to pull across a value based on a formula from another spreadsheet, rather than choosing a specific cell.For example I have this formula on another spreadsheet:=large(‘Chester Data’!E7:E172,1)Which gives me the highest value within the range E7:E172 and returns this as a value into the cell with the formula in.What I want is it to do this between spreadsheets, though if I put the formula above in my IMPORTRANGE is obviously doesn’t work as the value the formula gives isn’t a cell reference, which is what the IMPORTRANGE needs.So basically I need a formula that returns a cell reference based on a cell contents, I could then run this formula on the above LARGE formula, give me a specific cell on the first spreadsheet and then IMPORTRANGE this to the next spreadsheet.Hope that makes sense …

    1. Hi Sanford,

      Welcome to biinsight.com, and thanks for sharing the challenge you are facing.
      Unfortunately, I am not an Excel expert, but I am sure many of my website visitors, like yourself, are.
      So perhaps you get some advice from the others.


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